How it Works

OutbreakAI is an AI platform that provides disease outbreak information and high-level details about the spread ratio of viral diseases by crunching Social Media data over graphical and time dimensions. OutbreakAI is smart enough to perform accurate analytics on real-time scenarios.


OutbreakAI Disease Awareness Campaign

OutbreakAI provides a disease progression awareness platform by crunching Social Media data using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This helps in providing quick updates about the latest viral and infectious diseases over the dimensions of geography and time. With the help of OutbreakAI, a successful disease awareness and prevention campaign can be run as a precautionary measure in advance before, the disease spreads and attacks in neighboring geographical vicinities.

Graphical Visualization of Disease Outbreaks

OutbreakAI provides vivid disease tracking visualization. A map of USA is embedded in OutbreakAI which presents a geographical depiction of disease progression over time. Map embedding makes the disease tracking visualization process easy and quick. Different shades and colors facilitate users to easily visualize and differentiate the current disease progression and status over time