Ever heard of crunching data from social media using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to track outbreaks of infectious diseases? Well, OutbreakAI is an automated Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that tracks outbreaks of infectious disease across the dimensions of geography and time. OutbreaksAI makes it easy to check the current and past state of diseases as expressed by sentiments by real people over social media. This mechanism assists the concerned health institutions and bodies such that social media information is garnered and processed for tracking diseases in a more efficient and expedited manner.


Social Media data is collected, curated and crunched using proprietary Machin e Learning (ML) algorithms and then plotted on a map with different colors indicating disease outbreak progression over the dimensions of geography and time. This process aids in visualizing and recognizing the disease rate in a spatial representation. The Outbreak Graphical Interface (GUI) represents the data on real-time basis on a geographical map. Intensity of diseases are represented by different colors on the map which helps to easily visualize the pattern and extent of disease spread.

To summarize, OutbreakAI can help the concerned health and public sector institutions in taking precautionary and preventative measures, before the disease spreads to neighboring geographical vicinities by providing the following features and capabilities.

  1. OutbreakAI provides Social Media Tweet Filtering and Curation with a certain level of accuracy using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  2. OutbreakAI assists in monitoring public health activities over Social Media.
  3. OutbreakAI Investigate disease spread ratios in different regions in a selected week over the geographical dimension.
  4. Content from the social media to visualize the disease spread among the different states of the USA.
  5. OutbreakAI provides customized searching trends for disease outbreaks. These disease trends are based on a weekly timeframe search.
  6. OutbreakAI supports search functionality about diseases and check out their rate across distinct states for the geographical dimension in the states of USA.